Oil Refinery and Natural Gas Solutions

Vine Global Consults and Trades in Natural Gas and Oil Refineries. We have various solutions in the Natural gas and Oil refinery our team of experts are waiting to serve you. We are your first choice for all energy related projects.

Vine Global Import & Export is an All Energy Solutions approach with Natural Gas and Refinery Solution as lead Services while other forms of Energy which is not but limited to Electrical (Generators), Solar(Solar Panels), Wind ( Wind Turbines) etc
Vine Global Import & export Features & Benefits

  • Experts who understand generation and transmission equipment from all forms of Energy
  • 100+ person-years of experience in performing grid code compliance tests and analysis for all segments of the power generation industry
  • Full range of customized solutions
  • Consultation and analyses on generation, transmission, and distribution solutions
  • Knowledge base gained from thousands of power systems projects
  • Expertise in literally every aspect of power grid performance

Power Economics

  • Strategic planning
  • Asset valuation
  • Energy policy implictions

Generation Solutions

  • Generation technology selection and optimization
  • Electric utility and process industry expertise
  • Regional customer support

Power Systems

  • Equipment applications
  • Systems engineering
  • Grid code compliance testing

Smart Grid Strategy

  • Strategic road mapping
  • Technology deployment planning
  • Power system and IT/telecom integration support

Power Systems and Energy Course (PSEC)

  • Power System Planning and Analysis
  • Energy Economics and Power Markets
  • Generation Solutions and Strategic Planning Solutions