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For our Nigerian and International Customers, this is your ultimate gateway to online shopping in the United States. With this service you can overcome all the hassles involved in buying from Nigeria. Just provide us with link to your product and we’ll handle the rest form there and send your product to your door step.

Global Outsourcing

Especially for our international clients including Africa we are pioneers in delivering Global customized solutions for your needs. These Solutions are design for individuals, investors and organizations of any size as your needs may require . We are here to serve you and your unparallelled satisfaction is always guaranteed.

Vine Global have solutions for your Global needs this cut across all works of life from household to commercial needs:

  1. Buying American Business
  2. Invest In American Business
  3. Agricultural & Farm Solutions
  4. Global telecommunication Solutions
  5. Data Mining Concepts and Techniques Solutions
  6. Building And Construction Design & General Consultations

Getting You the Solution you need Fast
Utilizing the combination of e-sourcing technology, multi-language capabilities, competitor intelligence, and tens of thousands of hours scouring the globe, vine global import and export provides an efficient and effective means to augment your procurement frontier and global sourcing capabilities.
Vine Global  Core Competency is Global Sourcing

Tens of thousands of hours of sourcing work completed

Several hundred projects completed for over 50 companies

Trained in advanced Internet and market research techniques

Large active network of procurement pros

Vine Global Sourcing Platform Drives Efficiency and Effectiveness

Tens of thousands of hours of sourcing work completed

Suppliers self registration to database reduces labor, and improves speed and accuracy

Reliable multi-categorized list of solution driven and tested database

High End Professional  Auction eSourcing platform tools earn marketing value and Edge

Vine Global import & Export belong to access detailed supplier records and competitive intelligence

One Of many Benefits of Vine Global Sourcing Solutions
Vine Global Import & Export will make your dream to own a home in America a reality either as an  investor or a home owner.
We’re an independent research provider and consulting firm focused on the housing industry. We pride ourselves with the ability to source and project  profitable investments properties and compile and analyze on unprecedented volume of information to keep our clients informed. Utilizing our trusted analysis, our clients can:

Make More Money

Buy Value Driven Properties

Get and Manage Tenants and Properties

Identify Risks, Failures, Down Stream Trends and Avoid Pitfalls

Be Highly Knowledgeable and Efficient with their Time, Money and Investments

Interested in Learning How Your Sourcing Efforts Can be rewarded?

Please contact Vine Global import and Export for unparallelled combination of technology and experience delivering to you unique request.
Our Specialist are waiting to serve you .Give us a call today 1855 VINE GLO